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As part of the Center’s mission to nurture the creative expression of a diverse and changing South, we host art exhibits during Spring and Fall semesters known as Art @ the Center. Through multiple modalities such as photographs, paintings, and more we seek to elevate and explore narratives and experiences of the South that may not otherwise be represented.

When present, exhibits are available for viewing at the Love House and Hutchins Forum and are free and open to the public within the working hours of the Center.

Fall 2019 Art Exhibit: New Orleans Second Line Parades: Photos by Pableaux Johnson

Most Sunday afternoons in the wards of New Orleans, locals take to the streets for raucous parades that both serve and celebrate its living and historical communities. “Second Line Sundays” turn the narrow streets and stately boulevards into a temporary dance club as crowds of hundreds pulse along the sidewalks and byways, driven by the blast of funky tuba and the pulse of bass drum and snare.

New Orleans–based photographer Pableaux Johnson began photographing SAPC Second Lines sporadically in 2001, but became more dedicated to consistently documenting the tradition around 2009. Following Hurricane Katrina, he made shooting the parades part of his weekly rhythm as a way to both preserve individual memories and serve the communities.

Photographs will remain on display through December 2019.

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