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James Cates


There are members of the Chapel Hill community who know the story of James Cates, a 22-year-old man who was murdered on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus. As part of a collective, Cates’ family members, community leaders, UNC and Duke University scholars, social justice activists, and students are commemorating the 50th anniversary of James Cates’ death.  



For those who are not familiar with this story of injustice, we are republishing a thread created by journalist Mike Ogle, based on his extensive research. This research was originally published on Twitter in 2018. Ogle’s work uncovers hidden narratives that shine light on the past and present. This thread, followed by the November 18, 2020 Stone Walls blog post, provides context for events that unfolded fifty years ago. This year’s commemoration highlights why it is crucial to our future to mark the anniversary and the beginning of a conversation.

Honoring James Cates
Stone Walls


In this Stone Walls blog post, journalist Mike Ogle looks at the 50th anniversary of James Cates’ murder on the UNC-Chapel Hill Campus

JAMES LEWIS CATES JR. lived a life with certain boundaries. That’s the way things were. It’s how life was for those in his home, the house next door, up the street, and on every block in their one-third of a square mile in downtown Chapel Hill. It’s how life was for neighborhoods similar to theirs across America.

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Re/Collecting Chapel Hill podcast

This Re/Collecting Chapel Hill podcast episode shares the story of James Cates. The episode features Mike Ogle’s research and the voices of community members who knew Cates, including those with him when he died.





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