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NOVEMBER 16- Sybil Kein


November 16, 2010 at 4 pm in the Royall Room of the UNC Alumni Center

kein.jpgIn Louisiana Creole Culture and its Significance in the 21st Century,  Dr. Kein imagines the end of Louisiana’s  Creolite. In her view, the Louisiana Creole culture will be mourned as a significant loss by some, and celebrated by others as the final end of a bothersome, confusing, insignificant, and divisive part of Louisiana and American history.

Professor Emerita Dr. Consuela Provost (Sybil Kein) joined the faculty of the University of Michigan-Flint in 1972 as assistant professor of English and Theatre.  She received her B.S. degree in music from Xavier University in 1958, her M.A. in Theatre Arts and Communication from Louisiana State University in 1972, and her D.A. from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 1975 with a comparative study of American ethnic literatures.

She is the author of nine produced plays (including a “Historical Revue with Music” covering the history of Flint) and has explored the uses of drama to teach basic subjects in the public schools.  She has won a Hopwood Award for one of her published collections of poetry that drew on her Louisiana Creole roots.