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  • Who is James Cates?

    There are members of the Chapel Hill community who know the story of James Cates, a 22-year-old man who was murdered on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus. The James Cates Remembrance Coalition, a collective that includes Cates’s family members, community leaders, … Read more

  • James Cates's yearbook photo.

    Proposal: James Cates Building at UNC

    Read James Cates’s story, the proposal in its entirety, and see the list of signatories and endorsers here. To show your support by signing on as an endorser, email with your name and title or town of residence. This … Read more

  • James Cates's high school yearbook photo.

    Say His Name: James Cates

    A murder 50 years ago rattled Chapel Hill’s Black community, laying bare the town’s inequality. Stabbed by white supremacists, Cates died in the Pit on UNC campus waiting for an ambulance that never arrived. The bricks were cleaned by the … Read more