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Sounds of the South Award

The application deadline is April 15, 2016.

The Sounds of the South Award is a $1,000 undergraduate research award given once a year to a UNC-Chapel Hill student wishing to record and work with musicians within any genre of southern music during the summer. The award can be used for travel, equipment, or other expenses related to recording the music. At the end of the summer the recipient will be required to turn in a summary of the project and a CD of the recordings, which will go into the Sounds of the South archive at UNC’s Southern Folklife Collection. In addition to the $1,000 for the student, the award fund includes a total of $250 designated as an honorarium for the musician(s) that the student chooses to record.

Application Guidelines

Applications must include the following:

  1. a project plan (no more than three typed pages, double-spaced, 12 pt. font) that explains the genre of music to be recorded, why the student wishes to record this music/musician, and how the student plans to complete the recordings;
  2. a preliminary budget;
  3. a letter of support from a UNC-Chapel Hill faculty adviser, which the adviser should email directly to Hard copy recommendation letters will also be accepted, provided they are sealed in an envelope with the adviser’s signature across the seal.

Submit the project plan and budget (the adviser’s letter of support should come directly from the adviser) by email, as a single PDF document attachment sent to

The award recipient will be announced in April. For further information, please contact Patrick Horn at 919-962-0553.

Requirements of the Award

By September 15th of the award year, the recipient will submit to the Southern Folklife Collection the following:

  • a one- to three-page description of her or his experience, including a description of work undertaken, what was learned, and how the recordings compared to what she or he expected to record at the beginning of the summer;
  • a CD of her or his recordings, or a compilation of the best recorded material from the project;
  • field notes to accompany the CD, including
    • artist(s)
    • song title
    • location and date of recording
    • other relevant notes on the artist/location

At the conclusion of the project, a copy of all of these items will be donated to the Sounds of the South archive at the Southern Folklife Collection.