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Charleston Conversations

Charleston Conversation on Southern Affairs

This series was generously endowed by UNC alumni and friends living in the vicinity of Charleston, South Carolina to explore timely issues and challenges in the American South. Recent conversations have focused on the legacy of the Voting Rights Act, black pioneers in higher education, and 21st-century movements for social justice.

Texan Folksinger Tish Hinojosa: Music & Conversation

Our most recent Charleston Conversation was with Tish Hinojosa on November 1, 2018. This conversation combined the launch of the special “Music & Protest” issue of Southern Cultures with music and conversation provided by Texan folksinger Tish Hinojosa. Hinojosa has dedicated her career to playing border, country, and Tejano music from the southwest, performing in English and Spanish. Issue guest editor, Brendan Greaves, was in conversation with Hinojosa for the evening.

You can learn more about Tish Hinojosa and her work via this interview feature by Southern Cultures, with Brendan Greaves as the interviewer. Hinojosa was also a guest on WUNC on November 1 on which she discussed her life and her work with protest music which you can access here.

For previous Charleston Conversations, please visit our archive.