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This April event has been cancelled


In keeping with our concern for the community and the university’s plan to encourage greater “social distancing” and to mitigate the spread of coronavirus, we have cancelled this event. We do encourage you to read about the images in the exhibit, the associated essays, and check out our journal, Southern Cultures.

400: A Collective Flight of Memory was curated by Jamaal Barber. The exhibition was first shown in Atlanta, Georgia, and created in collaboration with black artists of the diaspora.

In an essay about the 400 exhibit (featured in Southern Cultures “Here/Away” Issue), Barber writes, “In a 1619 letter to the treasurer of the Virginia Company of London, Jamestown colonist John Rolfe recorded the arrival of ’20. and odd negroes’ off the coast of Virginia. You can go to the beach where the ships arrived and stand in the same sand under the same sky and look at the same ocean that those enslaved Africans witnessed. There is a timelessness to that moment.”

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