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Pauli Murray v. UNC (11/3/2010) from CSAS on Vimeo.

A participating event in the Pauli Murray Centennial Celebration, Pauli Murray Project, Duke Human Rights Center.

The Pauli Murray Project, an initiative of the Duke Human Rights Center focused on the Durham neighborhood where Murray grew up, is celebrating the 100th anniversary of her birth with a series of programs beginning in November. UNC-Chapel Hill’s contribution to this landmark occasion is this panel discussion highlighting Murray’s unsuccessful attempts in 1938-39 to gain admittance into the applied social work program within the sociology department chaired by Howard Odum. This is an involved and painful episode in the history of desegregation in North Carolina. The aims of the panel are to invite the university community to learn about this history and to encourage reflection on the story of Murray’s activism: what kind of example does she offer in our own time?

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