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Summer Research Grants

The application deadline for 2017 Summer Research Grants is March 5, 2017.

UNC graduate and professional students in all disciplines are invited to apply for $3,000 awards to support dissertation research, thesis research, and other academic projects pertaining to the American South.

As part of our partnership with the Historic Black Towns & Settlements Alliance (HBTSA), addressing the needs of several historically black southern towns, CSAS welcomes applicants for the following project:

The history of Tuskegee University and its founder, Booker T. Washington is significant to the establishment of historic black towns and settlements across the nation. Currently, there is not sufficient evidence available to the general public to help them understand and interpret the relationship between the university, its founder and each town. The members of the Historic Black Towns and Settlements Alliance seeks a scholar to help fulfill this need by engaging in a research effort to discover and document the untold relationship that exists. The research will be used to help each town interpret local history and potentially aid in the development of local products including historic preservation, cultural tourism and educational products.

(1) The scholar will engage in detailed research to identify relationships between Tuskegee University and Booker T. Washington using the Tuskegee Archives.

(2) The scholar will utilize additional sources of information that are determined to be of significant importance to the research.

(3) The scholar will provide a written report concerning the findings upon completion of the timeframe.

Location of Internship:  Tuskegee, Alabama

Direct Supervision Provided by:  Deborah Gray, Director, Tuskegee History Center


Award recipients will present the results of their work at the Southern Research Circle (SRC) poster session in September. These posters may be reproduced on the Center’s website. Award recipients are also required to participate in periodic SRC events during the following academic year.

Please submit your application (as a single PDF file) to csas, including the following:

  • Cover sheet;
  • Double-spaced Narrative of no more than 1,000 words describing the project, its guiding questions, its relationship to existing scholarship, and anticipated project completion date; and
  • Curriculum vitae, not to exceed three pages.

Your faculty advisor should mail, campus mail, or email a letter of support directly to the Center under separate cover. This letter should assess the intellectual merit of your project and confirm that you are currently enrolled in good standing. Our preferred email address is listed above, and our mailing address is 410 E. Franklin Street, CB#9127, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-9127.