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Music on the Porch: Ellis Dyson and the Shambles, Thurs, April 16 at 5:30 pm


Join us on the porch (and lawn) for a lively show by the inimitable Ellis Dyson and the Shambles! This sextet is composed of undergraduate jazz musicians with a deep-seated love and respect for the conventions and practices of the traditional Appalachian musicians that came before them. Front man Ellis Dyson (banjo) knows how to command a crowd with his exuberance and effortless swagger, while supporting instrumentalists Danny Abrams (saxophone), Matt Hall (trumpet), Ledah Finck (fiddle), Nate Huvard (guitar), and Ford Garrard (bass fiddle) provide a tasteful, yet exciting harmonic backing. You can enjoy a recent dorm-room jam by the Shambles here.

Whiskey BusinessWhile still touring in support of their debut EP, Whiskey Business, The Shambles intend to release their debut full-length album soon. As long as there is moonshine in the hills of North Carolina, Ellis Dyson and the Shambles will continue to bring the ruckus. This event is free and open to the public. Bring a picnic blanket and stay for a while!

Music on the Porch: Mipso, Tues, Apr 14, 2015 at 5:30 pm

**Due to a forecast of inclement weather, this event will be held in the large auditorium of the Genome Science Building, room G-100.** Free parking will be available after 5:00 pm in the Bell Tower Parking Deck.**  


Join us for a night of live music and conversation with UNC’s very own Mipso! These self-described “renegade traditionalists” are doing their part to take three-part harmony and Appalachian influences into new territory. Formed in Chapel Hill in 2010 and fresh off their 5,000-mile “Tour of Everywhere,” the band features Jacob Sharp (mandolin), Wood Robinson (bass), Joseph Terrell (guitar), and Libby Rodenbough (violin). You can sample some tunes from their 2013 album “Dark Holler Pop” on their website, on Bandcamp, or at ReverbNation.

This show is free and open to the public. Bring an umbrella and stay for a while!

Music on the Porch: Mary D. Williams, Thursday, April 9 at 5:30 pm

MWilliamsJoin us at the Love House & Hutchins Forum as living legend Mary D. Williams performs “Music from the Movement,” accompanied by Wilbur Tharpe. A combination of spirituals, protest songs, and inspiring tunes from the Civil Rights Movement, this performance will take you on an aural history tour from the time of slavery through the present day. Williams is an African American historian and performer with over twenty years of experience performing songs and narratives about southern black culture. Tharpe accompanies Williams on her performances around the country and has over forty years of experience in music.

This event is free and open to the public. Bring a picnic blanket and stay a while!

Italy and the American South: Seba Pezzani, Thursday, April 9 at 3:00 pm


Join us at the Love House & Hutchins Forum for the next installment of “What’s Up Down South?” hosted by William R. Ferris. Ferris will be joined by translator and blues musician Seba Pezzani, as well as novelists Jeffery Deaver and Joe Lansdale.

Pezanni translated Ferris’s Blues From the Delta into its Italian edition, Il Blues del Delta, and has also worked with Deaver and Lansdale. The four will discuss the collaborative process of translating. For the second half of the program, Pezzani, who tours with his band RAB4 and directs a blues festival in Piacenza, Italy, will perform with Lansdale’s daughter and Texan singer-songwriter Kasey Lansdale.

Music on the Porch: The Commanderrs, Tues, March 24 at 5:30 pm

SetSailDurham natives Sally South Derr and Isaac Derr describe themselves as “two young songwriters with nothin’ better to do” (with credit to Steve Miller). This brother-sister duo recorded their two albums, the 2014 release Set Sail and the 2015 release Where Nobody Knows Me, at the Rubber Room Studio in Chapel Hill.

Commanderrs1The duo finished their second album, featuring songs written by Isaac, despite the slight distraction of Sally flying to Hollywood to audition for American Idol. You can listen, like, share, or buy their songs on Bandcamp and ReverbNation.

This event is free and open to the public. Bring a picnic blanket and stay for a while!